Community Well Being


Giving Back to the Community


As a part of our culture, we have always believed in giving back to the community that we serve.  Toward that end, it is a pre-requisite that associates of the firm provide services to organizations and individuals on a pro bono basis in an amount equal to 10% of our annual revenues.

We encourage our associates, our vendor partners and our clients to “pay forward” their good fortune by committing acts of kindness, whether random or planned, whenever possible.  This can be in whatever form they wish.

On this website, we will illustrate from time to time, what exactly we mean by “paying it forward”.  Out hope is to “infect” others to do the same.  Visit this page periodically to witness (and enjoy) efforts to contribute to the wellbeing of communities we serve.


We currently support the following organizations in our community:


Kiwanis Club of Placerville, CA

Marshall Foundation for Community Health

Motherlode Rehabilitation Services

Partners in Care

Sierra Wildlife Rescue